Le Christmas Pudding d'Hercule Poirot

"Autant en emporte l’Histoire" is a program on the radio station, France Inter, hosted by Stéphanie Duncan. The name seems to be a play on the movie title "Gone with the Wind" (which is in French, "Autant en emport le vent"), with the program producing one hour dramas based on famous historical characters, both real and fictional. In this episode, the team of scriptwriters and actors bring to life one of Agatha Christie's stories, "Le Christmas Pudding d'Hercule Poirot", followed by some background on Agatha Christie from Annie Martinetti, a French expert on her life.

There is a link to the original podcast in the title above, and below we've supplied an AI-generated transcription (with some human help) of the entire episode, plus a translation into English (machine-generated by DeepL), which may provide some help to those looking to quickly understand the French text.