French Plus
- Coming Soon!

French Plus will be a site for intermediate to advanced students of French. The idea is to give you a helpful road map, with some great internet resources, so that you can accelerate through the uncomfortable and sometimes years-long stage of intermediate French. That way, you'll be sooner enjoying the experience of speaking to French natives, no longer stumbling over basic grammar, but instead soaking up the finer points and the more esoteric vocabulary.

If that sounds of interest, you can sign up for early news at the bottom. You'll immediately get an example translation with which you can use to start practising today. Meantime, here's what you can expect from the site:

1A Rock Solid Grammar Foundation

You'll find a focus on the fundamentals of grammar, explained clearly to ensure you deeply understand them. You'll then be able to add the numerous smaller points of advanced grammar that crop up later, with quicker comprehension of how they fit into the big grammar picture.

2A Better Accent

There's also a focus on the how's & why's of pronunciation, a key topic that is often inadequately addressed in French courses. Not only will this help you understand better how to sound like a French person, but will also help your fluidity, your ability to more quickly assimilate new vocabulary, and most importantly, to better understand your French interlocuter.

3An Innate Feel

You'll find plenty of practice material to help you develop an innate feel for idiomatic French. There are authentic French dialogues, both audio and written, with the translation provided to help you immediately understand the dialogue as well as provide context for learning idiomatic expressions. The material and process should improve your ability to translate everyday English to everyday French.

4Other Tools

French Plus also provides a collection of resources to help you create your own immersion environment at home. You'll find a strategy to help incorporate French into your daily life; from waking up to driving your car. Plus we'll steer you to finding super-interesting content to help keep you interested & motivated, such as via YouTube, cartoons, radio series and even French classrooms. Regardless where you are in the world, the internet provides it all.

So When Will It Be Ready?

Good question. The site is well underway and already covers quite a lot to help you accelerate your journey. But we've still to finish adding some more good content, check we've got copyright clearance where required, and get our design right. Not quite sure at the moment just when the site will be ready, but we're targeting the end of 2021.

If you'd like to stay abreast of developments, let us know your email (in the footer below) and we'll update you on the site's launch.

BONUS: If you do opt in to be informed, you'll immediately access a useful translation exercise to help you get started straight away. It will also give you an idea of just how this site will help you learn French.